The Official Umbraco Conference


Thank you for attending Codegarden 2021!

The very first virtual Codegarden has come and gone, and what a ride it's been!

Stay tuned for more information about where to find recordings of talks and sessions, photo galleries and more!

“Codegarden is one of the top software conferences out there, not only because of the ability to stay ahead of what is coming from Umbraco, but because of the valuable perspectives brought by subject matter experts in so many areas.”
Chris Geiser, CTO at Garrigan Lyman Group

What is Codegarden? 

Codegarden is a one-of-a-kind knowledge-sharing conference experience and is the biggest and only official Umbraco conference in the world.

For almost a decade, hundreds have flocked to Odense, Denmark for 3 days of talks and discussions on all things Umbraco, CMS and Cloud, Community, Partnership and industry.

This year Codegarden is an interactive, inspiring and informative virtual experience. Now you can attend for free, from anywhere in the world. 


"A conference like no other"

Inspiring talks from industry experts

Inspiring talks from industry experts

Participate in a packed programme of talks from industry experts from Umbraco to Microsoft, with some hidden gems in between. 

Listen in for the latest trends in CMS and Cloud technology, digital experience, productivity and much more. 

Celebrating the best of the best

Celebrating the best of the best

Get inspired by the most innovative Umbraco solutions at the Umbraco Awards

Meet the most active in our community at the MVP Awards

See which Umbraco Packages made the list at the Packages Awards

All the latest Umbraco news

All the latest Umbraco news

Umbraco is growing and evolving. Get all the insights straight from Umbraco itself, including some exclusive news and releases (though some goodies only come with watching live 😉).

Expect talks on the future of the Umbraco backoffice, the issue tracker and of course, Umbraco 9 on .NET Core. 

A fun, interactive virtual conference experience

A fun, interactive virtual conference experience

The draw of Codegarden has always been the fun and friendly atmosphere, with a feeling of involvement and togetherness between attendees

Going virtual means new opportunities to get innovative. Expect some wacky and exciting activities and chances to interact as you watch along. No Zoom fatigue around here...

“After attending Codegarden for the first time in 2018, I returned inspired and armed with the latest technical and marketing insights to help us create the best digital applications for our clients.”

Tony Cortinas, vice president of Marathon Consulting

All the latest on Umbraco's migration to ASP.NET Core

Umbraco is halfway down the long road from the old ASP.NET framework to the newer, faster and better ASP.NET Core/.NET 5.

Powered by both the Umbraco Core team and a team of Umbraco community members, the project is now at the beta stage. 

What happens next? What's possible with Umbraco on .NET 5?